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Half Week Catch Up

Henry is 18.5 months old. 

As I said last week, Henry and I were on vacation part of this week and last week so tot school was broken up into two half weeks. Therefore, we've continued our Triangles and Fall themes from last week for the few days that we were home this week. The felt board, tot trays and other areas of our classroom were the exact same.

We did, however, do a bunch of other activities to fit with our theme, so I figured I would share those. 

Dot Painted a Tree: This was Hen's first experience with dot painting. He was very confused at first but, after I showed him he seemed to get the hang of it. I painted the tree trunks, then he painted dots on one tree, and I did the other. We sat outside for a little inspiration!

Leaf Hunt: On the last foreseeable warm day, we also went on a walk to gather different color and shaped leaves. I would ask Hen to find a certain color which he was pretty good at. Size was another story, and he had no real idea what to do. But Henry loved the leaves, which was a HUGE change from last year.

iPad App: We played a lot with the Shapes app from Toddler Teasers. It provides flashcards, games, and puzzles all about shapes. We've had it for a couple weeks, but it hasn't been until this week that Henry has really been interested in it.

Leaf Pasting: I had Henry color a sheet of paper. Then we glued some of the leaves we gathered onto it. Henry liked this, but didn't understand why the leaves crumbled when he tried to rip them off the paper! Hard lesson, I guess.

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Mommy Sarah said…
Love that you went outside to do the Fall Tree dot painting!
Mary said…
So cute! I loved the tree idea.
Jade said…
I LOVE his expression when he's holding the leaf!! And I think I want to get that shape app - we haven't done much with shapes yet and R loves anything on mumma's iPhone! :-) xx
Deb Chitwood said…
Great idea to take your work outdoors ... and the photos are adorable! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:
Anonymous said…
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