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August 28, 2012

State Fair -- Grumpy Baby Edition

It's that time of year again in Minnesota. The time to head to the fair grounds, wander around, and stuff your face.

After last year's success at the fair, I had high hopes for this year. That was my first mistake.

Ever true to his personality, Henry wasn't into the fair. I'm determined that someday, somewhere we will find an activity Henry enjoys. This just wasn't it. 

From the moment we entered the fair grounds pretty much until we left Henry was whining, crying, or saying "all done" or "NO." It was oppressive, and quite frankly a little bit annoying. 

I figured the animals would be fine. Turns out horses are terrible...

Sheep are scary...

And roosters are pure torture...

Bunnies -- well they're all right...

As the crowds got progressively worse, our patience wore thin. By 11:30, we were all ready to hit the road.

To his credit, Henry did enjoy the little fake farm where he did chores. He was also fan of the mini donuts {signing "more" below after the donuts ran out}, and the french fries -- if they had ketchup -- but even they were a struggle.

Next time, I will once again try to lower my expectations. And maybe, just maybe, he will have fun.

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kjw said…
Aww - I'm sorry it was a rough day at the fair. Hopefully next year he'll be more into it!
Lindsay said…
Aww, sorry it's such a rough day! Ethan and Henry need to hang out. Maybe misery loves company and they'll enjoy one another, haha. I always feel like whenever I have something big and exciting planned, Ethan is sure to wake up in The Worst Mood Possible. Kind of like today -- it was supposed to be his first day of Kindermusik buuuut...we didn't make it that far, ha. I think Henry will look back at his grumpy pictures one day and laugh, though -- he's so cute!
Amber said…
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Amber said…
I'm sorry you guys had a rough day. Crowds + crabby babies= no fun. This post cracked me up, though. That picture with the sheep made me laugh out loud.
Durante said…
I like that he was smiling at the end! I don't blame him I get grumpy about the crowds and fair smells too.