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August 29, 2012

First Haircut

Some of you may have noticed that in my Minnesota State Fair post that Henry is sporting a new haircut! Last Friday, Morgan and I both got our haircut and decided it was time for Henry to get his first haircut. He was looking a little bit wild and unkempt.

His hair is not quite curly but doesn't lay flat either. So it was all over the place, no matter what we did. Pretty much it always looked like this:

The haircut itself went really well! Morgan held Hen and played a video on his phone. Henry barely noticed what was going on and sat quietly the whole time! I was pretty amazed.

There were still moments where Henry got concerned. But thankfully, no moments of panic. And no tears!

Hopefully, all his haircuts go as smoothly.

And, while I'm super sad he really doesn't look like a baby anymore, I can't be too upset because look how handsome my two men are!

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Lindsay said…
Love the picture of Henry and daddy! Ethan looooves getting his haircut. I think because he goes to my stylist who is covered in full sleeve tattoos so there's always something to look at while arms are in his face, lol.
Mary said…
Aww he looks great! I might have to get bens hair cut soon, I'm not sure how I will handle it.
Durante said…
lol, the look on his face speaks volumes! My oldest felt like that about his first haircut, there was a lot of "Who do you think you are? This is part of me!!"

Great job! :)
Anonymous said…
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