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August 01, 2012

Moving On

We're moving on -- from dairy. At just over 16 months old, Henry is still allergic to milk protein. We were initially told that most babies outgrow the allergy by their first birthday's. Well, as we all know, Henry does what he wants, on his time. He is not like other babies. Test after test of trying dairy for him has been miserable. So...we give up. We're hoping by two but he could suffer from this allergy until five.

Henry's first pizza -- vegan cheese.

Until recently, I had held off on giving Henry dairy alternatives. I had no good reason for not offering them, I honestly just didn't know much about them.

But it became apparent, we needed to give up waiting, and go on with our lives. So after some research, we have settled on Henry having a combination of almond milk, coconut milk, and breastmilk. As we wean, he gets more of the first two -- coconut milk for the excellent fats, and almond milk for the protein.

We've also been exploring more with other dairy alternatives including almond milk yogurt and vegan cheese.   Both have been huge successes!

I still miss dairy, but I too am learning to cope. Vegan cheese is no mozzarella, but any pizza is better than no pizza. And I think Hen agrees.

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Mary said…
We are trying the figure out if my twi s are lactose intolerant. They have ruled out allergy but milk does a number on them. We have been using soy and almond milk. I will have to try coconut milk!
Lindsay said…
We have this little "mom and pop" health food store that I shop at because my husband is gluten free and, oh my, they have SO MANY dairy-free products -- like, totally puts Whole Foods to shame. If there is ever anything specific you're looking for, let me know and I will see if I can find it!
Kendall Hoover
Kendall Hoover said…
I am just going through your blog to get an idea of your style. My son was allergic to milk (he outgrew it) and we used coconut milk and almond milk, too. He was also allergic to peanuts, soy, and eggs. EXCELLENT diet for me (because I was still breastfeeding, too). I wish (a little) that we were still allergic because I had so much more self control!
Colleen said…
Hi! I came across your blog and saw this post. My 17m old can't have cows milk protein either, but she is just fine with goat milk products! She eats goat cheese and goat yogurt all the time, and drinks 1c goat milk each day, plus coconut milk and breastmilk. Maybe that will work for Henry?