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Tot School Color Brown

{Henry is 16 months}

Can you guess this week's color? That's right brown! Henry is obsessed with the books Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? so this week was pretty exciting for him.
On the activity wall this week, I keep the weather wall the same and added brown shapes and a brown bear to the felt board. We had another week of all perfectly sunny days, so Hen got very good at recognizing sunny. Although, now I'm a little excited for a rainy day, so maybe he can figure out that we don't just only put sunny up! The magnet board had a set of alphabet letters. This was the first time, I introduced letter at tot school and Henry loved singing the alphabet song.

The tot trays were not nearly as exciting as last week. But Henry still had fun. The first tray was the sensory bin. Hen's favorite thing was to put little wooden balls and blocks inside the paper towel roll and watch them fly around the room.

The second tray was a bucket of colored wooden robots and a color matching sheet. Henry could place the robots on the corresponding color. Henry liked knocking over the robots if I set the up, but wouldn't put the robots on their spots. He would point to the spot if I asked, but wasn't into placing the actual robots.

The final tray was a coloring sheet that I laminated and a dry erase marker. This was the biggest hit this week! It had a couple of bears to connect, and a large bear to color. {If anyone wants this sheet let me know -- I love sharing} For the first time, Henry actually wanted to color instead of eating the marker! He even tried the tracing -- with help, of course! It was a major improvement from last time we tried marker coloring.

The book bin was just OK this week. Henry like to look at a lot of the books but didn't really want to sit and let me read them. His favorite book this week was Hug by Jez Alborough which was all about a little brown monkey.

Other activities we did this week:

Colored with brown crayons. Sadly these were still mainly used as chew toys.

Pasted small squares of tissue paper onto a bear shape. I know I said I wasn't going to use glue anymore, but if I just hand him the paper like a sticker than he seems to work better.

Decorated brown paper with brown stickers for our tot wall.

Went to the Children's Museum and did all sorts of learning! 

See all our color units here!


Kat Folloder said…
What a great week y'all had! Love the bear theme. Henry is adorable too!
Kaysha said…
Love the bear craft! So cute! Xander wouldn't match things to their colors until maybe three months ago. He knew which color was which, but didn't get what he was supposed to do. One day it just clicked. Now he can, but sometimes just chooses not to.
That's great to know! He definitely knows the colors and knows where they should go, he just doesn't show any interest in putting them together.
Julie Rogers said…
Great post---love all the ideas! Just followed you and looking forward to reading more:) Come check us out at!

So glad to have found your blog. It looks like Henry and my Cruz have a lot in common! Looking forward to reading your adventures from tot school - maybe we can swap ideas every now and then :)

Jorgensen Better Together
Anonymous said…
Such a handsome little man!
Jelli said…
Looks like he had a lot of fun! I really like the photo of him with the paper towel tube at his mouth. Isn't it funny how kids love un-toys almost just as much as mass produced toys? Thanks for linking up with Monday Mom Musings!
Unknown said…
I'm going to be stalking your blog to get all your great ideas for tots. My youngest is 17 months and her big kids are gng to school this year. She's gonna be so lost. We are going to find fun, creative ways to spend our time together.

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