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Toddle Along Tuesday: Diapers

The topic for TAT this week is diapering. I think this week is definitely geared to all those cute fluffy butt cloth diaper babies.

Henry is not one of them. I entertained the idea of cloth diapering while I was pregnant with Henry, but Morgan flat out refused. He just doesn't see the benefit when compared with the work. Without his help, I just wasn't willing to go it alone.

So, our diapering routine is pretty boring. We use Pampers Cruisers -- size 3. They have Sesame Street characters on them which Henry loves since he is obsessed with Elmo.

I still think that cloth diapering would be really great for our next baby. But I'm not anticipating Morgan changing his mind.

What's your diapering routine? Do you cloth diaper, or wish you did?

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Love Elmo on his little bum :)
Mary said…
Those are our traveling diapers, I love them. I think they are cute. Ben and Penny are starting to recognize Elmo too.
Samantha said…
I showed my husband the cost comparison and promised to do most of the work - so I was able to convince him to cloth diaper. As it's turned out, he's discovered it's not as hard as he thought and he's been super-helpful. He told me he'd rather wash cloth diapers than actually CHANGE a poopy diaper any day! :) I love the paint smears on his bum in that one pic! So cute!
kjw said…
We don't cloth diaper either. I couldn't get my husband on board and I didn't really want to do all the extra laundry. Oh, and Henry's Elmo bum is pretty darn cute :)
Anonymous said…
Brett has always left the diapering decision up to me since I'd be the one most likely to use them. When Wes was first born our shared washer was down two flights (so not an option), then after that I was a single mom (when Brett moved for work in MN) and I lived between two homes and couldn't have kept up with cloth diapers on top of all my other responsibilities. Now, we've had our own washer for like 8 months, but have continued with the Target disposables. With baby #2 on the way, the topic came up again. I use cloth wipes and can't imagine how hard it would be to keep up with two kids in diapers. With disposables costing 17 cents a diaper and all else considered, we're going to stick with disposables.
Anonymous said…
I used cloth diapers at home and disposables when we were out. Love the elmo bum, I think I use to have Elmo swimmers for Pete when he was little, he's only 4 but it seems so long ago that he was wearing diapers. Thanks for following me, I have followed back. Enjoy the rest of your week :)
We have used cloth diapers on our 9 month old from the very beginning and I can't imagine doing anything else! I have enough that I wash diapers 2-3 times a week. My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea but knew it was really important to me so he agreed. Now he loves them. He doesn't touch the laundry, but I also won't let him!
Bees_Circus said…
I managed to convince my fiancé by working out the financial difference! :P xxx
Unknown said…
what a cute littlee diaper butt!

come say a quick hi at :)

have a wonderful day!

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