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July 19, 2012

A Toddler {or Parent} Milestone?

This milestone started out like so many others. Silence. That eerie sound that makes every toddler's mom's heart stop.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up, so I went to investigate. I found this:

and like any good Mom, I grabbed my camera.

Then, I just sat there watching him for a minute, while he dug through my drawers.

When he finally noticed me, he did what any person does when they are busy in the bathroom -- he tried to shut the door.

His attempts were unsuccessful. And removing him from the bathroom caused a huge tantrum.

But, hey, Morgan and I got to experience a parenting milestone -- the wild, rerolled toilet paper roll. {This is a milestone -- my hospital manual said so}

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Rosemary said…
Love this! Just be lucky he hadn't figured out how to lift the lid and stick his hands in the bowl!
Melinda said…
Awesome! Ditto Rosemary! And be thankful you were able to roll some of it back up. Keira turns ours into confetti when she gets her hands on it.
Heather said…
At least he didn't run around the whole house with it.. been there, cleaned that up!
Lindsay said…
Hahahaha, love it!
Analilia said…
Cute! Mine does that too, next time I'll take pictures.
kjw said…
Hahaha! Andrew discovered the toilet paper roll recently, too. And how to flush the toilet - our water bill is going to skyrocket.
Mary said…
That's too funny! It is something they all do. I love mischievous moments!
Unknown said…
Hahah, what a little mischief maker! He is too cute.
MamaViking said…
I think if our boys were together for more than 10 minutes, the two of us would be found tied to chairs with slinkies while they unrolled every roll of TP and emptied every box/drawer/cabinet in the house.
Carmen said…
This one made me giggle because we have been there lately too! Just be sure he doesn't have your cell phone in hand before venturing in there! Thank goodness for warranty programs because let me tell you, iPhones and toilet water do not mix!
Carmen B