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June 29, 2012

Weather Wall!

I told you guys big changes were coming to our tot school activity wall!

As those of you that follow me us on Facebook/Instagram know, I made a weather-of-the-day station.

It's super simple! 

Take some scrapbooking paper: cut it to size and laminated it to make the "sky." Then, cut strips from a coordinating paper for the "holding area." Laminate those as well. 

The weather shapes were all things I found online, if anyone wants them, let me know in the comments or by email. Print them, cut them out, paste to some colorful scraps of cardstock, and laminate. 

{The cardstock was just to make them a little more sturdy (and colorful), so isn't totally necessary} 

I used pre-cut sticky Velcro to attach the shapes to the holding area and to the sky.

One tip, don't just tape the pages to the wall, the Velcro is so sticky when the pieces are ripped off that the tape just rips off the wall too. I suggest the 3M picture hanging strips, they hold little better. 

Henry has loved the weather station so far, but more on that during the weekly tot school update.

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Heather said…
This is so great - what a cute idea. I would totally make one, but living here in texas, I think it would just be Sunny every day!!
Amy said…
I love this! I definitely need to make one of these for Kyla. I have been such a bad Tot School mom lately. I need to get back into it before the baby comes so I get into a good routine again.