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June 27, 2012

Passionfruit Ads

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally did it. I finally made the switch to Passionfruit Ads. If you haven't heard of Passionfruit Ads, its a great company that takes all the work out of buying and selling ad space! There's no more exchanging emails, codes, copy, pasting, and all that work. Now you can just click and be done!

I hope you will check out our Sponsor Us page! And consider sponsoring The Kavanaugh Report!

And just to get the ball rolling - the first person to use the promo code FREEAD will get one month of The Hen sized ad for free! 

While you're busy checking us out, how about following The Kavanaugh Report on Twitter -- @NicMKav, and liking our Facebook Page? I promise lots of awesome baby pictures, updates, and promotions! 

And because a post feels naked without a picture: He's busy reading the blog on my phone! {hehe}

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Steph @ The Kat Almanac
Love seeing your blog grow :)
the naptown organizer
Bennett has the exact same outfit and it is one of my favorite on him :) Hen looks super cute in it too! Also, yay for Passionfruit and thanks for the swap button! Love ya lady!
Analilia said…
I bought your button. Can't wait to read more about Henry and your family <3