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June 25, 2012

Oh Lotion - Nicknames

Morgan and I never even seriously considered any boy names, other than Henry, when I was pregnant. In fact, we knew "Henry Morgan" was going to be our first boy's name months before I was even pregnant. I have no idea where the name came from, who suggested it, or why it was so easy for us to decide.

{It will not be as easy for our next boy.}

But for as much as we love the name Henry, it surprising how often we call him something other than his given name. His most common nicknames are: 


Big 'ole baby boy

Lotion - Henry has loved Lotion since he was very tiny. Overtime, we just started calling him "Lotion." Honestly, we call him Lotion more often than anything else. 

Buddy Buddy - It's never just Buddy. Henry refers to himself as Buddy Buddy. Its very cute. 

Mister Mister



Baby Boy 

So are we crazy? Do you refer to your babies by nicknames? Or do you stick to their given name? 

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the naptown organizer
Bennett is often Baby Bear, Little Man, Little Guy, or Sweet Peanut. :)
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
As you know our Anthony is mostly AJ. Npbut I also mostly call him nugget, jr., or little kat!
Anonymous said…
Boo Boo, Punkin (sort of like "Pumpkin"), Punkinator, Chubby Chubs, Naked Butt (even when she's not naked, ha!)
Katie said…
Haha! Our most common nickname for Colin is Wobsta. After we had finished his nursery, before he was born, our then-3 year old niece came over to visit. The room has an under the sea theme, and there were various sea creatures on the walls. Emily pointed to the lobster and said "dat's a WOBSTA." We laughed so hard, and eventually started referring to our growing fetus as "the wobsta." I guess it stuck. :)