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June 22, 2012

Pink Week at Tot School

Henry is 15 months old.

This past week was pink week in Tot School. Henry was kinda naughty the whole week and we cut tot school short several times. Because of his general crabbiness during pink week, I decided to take this week off so everyone could get a break and be re-energized for next week.
The activity wall was a bust this week. Henry spent way too much time trying to rip the baby pictures off. Next week, the activity wall will look very different! I added a pink pig to the felt board, which Hen played with some.

The tot trays kept Hen entertained for most of the week. As always, we had a color sensory bin. It was definitely the smallest bin I've done since Henry didn't really have very many toys to add to the bin. Thankfully, I had made sure to pick up a few things to add. Either way Henry really like it, especially a couple little plastic pink containers I got -- he loved to bang them together.

The second tray was a rainbow rice sensory bin with a few squeeze pouch lids, funnels, and a measuring cup. This was a huge hit. Hen loved pouring, scooping, and occasionally eating the rice. He also liked just finding the lids and placing them into a cup. I really had to let go of control for this tray -- it was messy and I struggled letting Henry really explore. Thank God for the vacuum!

The final tray was a coloring sheet I made (of course I would love to share with anyone - just leave a comment). The sheet was a pig to color, and a little tracing project. It says "Can you help get the pig to the barn?" I put the sheet in a protector and we used a pink dry erase marker. Hen was willing to try coloring, but mostly he was uninterested. He traced, with help of course, a couple times, but didn't care.

The book bin was alright this week. Henry loved this book on ballerinas, but I forgot to get name before I returned it -- sorry.

Other things we did this week:

Made pink mess-free paint using red and white.

Decorated a pink pig for the tot school wall.

Made a shirt with ice cube paint and a card for Morgan for father's day. 

Colored with pink crayons.  

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Jamie Erickson
Jamie Erickson said…
What a fun group of tot ideas! Looks like he had a very busy day. Thanks for visiting my place.
Kaysha said…
Looks like you had a great week! I LOVE the felt board! Thanks for linking up!
crafty elsie
crafty elsie said…
Positively Pink Fun! I must get around to the colour mixing bags.

A cheap shower curtain is great to put under messy play, but watch as it can get slippy. I've just bought a couple of small cheap paddling pools to use with messy play.