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May 21, 2012

Tot School -- Color Orange

Henry is 14 months old

Being stuck in the house all week with hand, foot, and mouth disease made tot school a total lifesaver this week. We did have to skip it a few days this week because Henry wasn't feeling up to it, so we will continue the color orange next week as well.
The activity wall was similar this week to last week. I added orange shapes, and an orange carrot to the felt board. Hen loved it all again. He pretty much has mastered ears and eyes now on the babies, but is still working on nose -- I think he thinks I'm saying "no" and he is thoroughly confused.

The tot trays were super fun this week. For the first time, Henry actually pretty much ignored his sensory bin.

The other two trays were both the color sorters I posted about earlier this week. His favorite was definitely the sticker color sorter. We used it so many different ways. He would point to the color I asked. Or place a sticker in the right box. Or point to a color sticker he wanted. Plus, each day he pretty much carried that sheet of stickers around the entire time we were in our classroom. 

The pipe cleaner sorter was also a big hit, but it was a huge source of frustration too. Henry, with his charmingly happy personality (please sense my sarcasm), would scream, and I mean scream when he couldn't get the pipe cleaner into the hole. He often ended up throwing the container in frustration. I tried to help him, but he would rip his hand away from mine, determined to get it on his own. When he would, his face would light up, and he became even more determined to do it again! 

For the most part, Henry was not able to pick the right color for the sticker or the pipe cleaner, but it was great fine motor skill practice. 
The book bin was another miss this week. Some of the books we didn't even read. He just had no interest. His favorite was One Blue Fish: A Colorful Counting Book by Charles Reasoner. Anyone have suggestions on getting Henry interested in the books? 

Other things we did included:

Making some mess-free orange paint from red and yellow.

Decorating a tiger with orange stickers for our classroom wall.

Played with orange fabric (old Ikea curtain).

Putting pom poms into a baby bottle.

Tot School

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crafty elsie
crafty elsie said…
loving the fabric photos. We did and still do a lot of singing "head shoulders knees" and that helped with naming body parts