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May 20, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth

This post brought to you by Henry's first real sickness -- hand, foot, and mouth disease. Oh, and one deliriously tired mama.

Hen would just randomly lay down and stare off, so not like him.

For those of you that don't know, HFM is a virus that is common with toddlers. It starts with a fever then mouth sores and gross rash around a person's hands, feet, and mouth. It makes it difficult to eat, and miserableness ensues.

Beginning of the rash.

This has been my life for the last week. On Monday, Henry was perfectly fine, until he wasn't. Out of nowhere he had a 101+ fever, stopped eating, and was totally miserable.

Little red dots soon turned into these bad boys. :( 

We had zero idea what was going on. He slept great that day, and we figured Tuesday he would be fine. Maybe it was teething, or something? Well, Tuesday just brought less eating and more fever.

Early Wednesday he woke up and his fever was gone! I figure he would be on the mend, but he still refused to eat. After a lot of laying around and snuggling I noticed some spots on Henry's hands. After a quick google search, I knew he had HMF.

Lots of naps on me this week -- I was only a little sad.
Within a couple hours he had spots on his feet, hands, elbows, and face. I called his doctor who confirmed there wasn't anything we could do but have him rest, keep him out of public, and give plenty of fluids.

So we've been doing just that. It's been a long week for everyone, with 5 a.m. wakeups, skipped naps, screaming through meals, and overall total crabby-ass monster behavior. Today seemed like a turning point, and we were finally able to get out of the house some.

Now if only he would sleep some...

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Katie said…
Colin had it recently, too. Poor kiddo! Every kid seems to react differently. C had a 103 fever for one day, and then only had a mild rash. So weird. Get well soon, Henry!
Unknown said…
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