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Stick to Kids Temporary Tattoos Review and Giveaway

Sometimes you come across these products that you love, but really really hope you never need to use. Your smoke alarm...that backup outfit in your diaper bag...Stick to Kids customized temporary tattoos...

Henry is both active and completely fearless. A deadly combination in a toddler. Obviously, if I ever turned my head for even a minute, God forbid, Henry could be gone. It wouldn't take long. He literally doesn't look back once he is on his own. Ever. And its only going to get worse once he no longer uses a stroller.

This is where Stick to Kids comes in! Stick to Kids make completely customized temporary tattoos for parents with young children. These small temporary tattoos are customized with information about the child, and with the parent's contact information. This way even children who are too young to communicate with others, can still help to find their parents if they get separated.

I have to say, I am in love with these tattoos. For one, look at how cute they are! They come with a variety of different cute age appropriate characters.

Parents are given complete control over the tattoo. You get to pick the character, and the information you want included. For me, my favorite part was being able to include that Henry has a dairy allergy. If Hen was lost, he could very easily become very sick after someone mistakenly gave him dairy, especially since dairy is so common in a typical toddler's diet.

I took Henry to the zoo to "test" out the Stick to Kids tattoos -- but no I didn't let him get purposely lost -- but just in case he had one on! But before we went, I was dreading putting the tattoo on Henry. I thought he would wiggle and scream or it wouldn't work nicely. But I was dead WRONG! These tattoos were so easy to use!

Henry didn't even notice me when I was putting it on. It took 30 seconds and worked on the first try. It came off cleanly, and was completely readable. It dried quickly, and stayed perfect the entire time.

Stick to Kids tattoos are of such high quality that they actually will last for over a week! So they would be perfect for longer trips to amusement parks or for vacations. They are also pretty cheap for a totally customized product and Stick to Kids offers free shipping to its customers!

Stick to Kids temporary tattoos are something I honestly hope I never have to rely on. But I am so happy they exist, and I will be using them anytime we go somewhere even remotely crowded.

They may not save Henry from these guys...

 ...but I'll be much happier and relaxed knowing he's got one on!

Here is your chance to win your own free pack of 30 totally customized temporary Stick to Kids tattoos! Click the read more, and follow the Rafflecopter instructions! Make sure you leave a comment - that's the only mandatory entry!

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Rosemary said…
These look great! Definitely give a mom a bit of peace of mind that her child has identifying information before they are old enough to know their name and phone number.

I will be ordering some for my kiddo!
JessVer said…
I have never even heard of these things before, but I think they are totally awesome! What a fantastic idea - I'm going to tell all my friends with kids about this product.
Melinda said…
Great idea. I love it.
Lindsay said…
What a freaking awesome idea! I love the frog...or the chubby bear...oh, they're both so cute...okay, frog! :)
Bethany said…
Oh I SO need two sets of those.... I like the frog and the bear designs.
Carolyn Primiterra said…
I love this!!! What a great idea! I love the frog. =)
So cool and perfect for our upcoming trip to Seattle. I love that chubby bear!
Sarah said…
I like the Nightwatcher Skull and the wolf. I am totally sure V could pull off a skull.
Buffy said…
I love the heart tattoo that says 'Be Mine'! This is such a great idea. I definitely plan to order some of these!
Anonymous said…
I like this idea but as a mother of a kindergartner, her teachers do not allow any names on clothing or even backpacks for fear of stranger danger... scary when others know so much about your children just in a little tattoo. Have careful eye on your kids with all this very private info about them in public.
terri said…
Cool idea. As the mother of two daughters with nut allergies, I can really see the advantage of the tattoos. Even at a birthday party where they can't get lost, there's a handy reminder to the host mom.
Suzanne said…
I LOVE THE TATTOOS!!! I am definitely going to buy a variety pack since I can't choose just one. Regarding the comment about providing too information can actually be dangerous...that's a good point BUT you can place the tattoo under a shirt sleeve. You can also simply add "CALL MOMMY" instead of adding a name. If I lost my child the last thing I would be concerned about is someone seeing my phone number!
Natalie said…
OMG I really love these tattoos. I ordered some last month and they are amazing quality. I can't tell you how great it feels knowing my little girl has my cell phone number on her. I kept the message simple. If lost, call mom, my cell and I mentioned her food allergy on the last line. No worries for stranger danger here. She really loves them and it gives me a peace of mind. I will def be ordering more!
Positively Amy said…
These are such a great idea! My son has food allergies too. I think they'd be great for baby-sitters too, just for that reason!
Can you tell us more about this? I'd care to find out some additional information.
Using these temporary tattoos may help you feel a bit better in case you lost sight of your child. Good post.
Hafiz Sajid said…
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