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April 19, 2012


I have a freakishly good memory. Tiny details stick with me.

My first memory was somewhere around 3 years old. Its not really a whole scene. Just tiny bits, details. I was in our family's apartment in Chicago. The TV was in the corner of the living room. It was high in the corner of the room -- but I'm not really sure if it was high, or if I was just little. There is a step up from the living room to the kitchen, and an aquarium on a counter in between both rooms. On the the other side of the room are a few plants and two, maybe three, bird cages. On the TV, clear as day, is Peter Jennings reading the nightly news.

I don't know why this is my first memory. Nothing is happening. No one is with me.

I'm recalling this story because Henry just made his first memory. Or at least for the first time, he expressed a memory. We were at yoga together. He fell and bumped his head on the wood floor. It wasn't even a bad bump -- believe me the kid has fallen pretty hard on that floor. For some reason, it set him off. He lost it.

I calmed him down, and then it happened. He walked over to the spot where he fell, pointed to the floor, rubbed his head, and broke down into tears...again.

Over the 45 minute class, he did this several more times. I couldn't believe it. But then, we came home and after telling Morgan this story, he asked Henry about what happened at yoga. And what does Henry do...rubs his head!

We go to yoga every week. But this is what he remembers. That tiny detail.

What's your first memory? Has your baby started remembering events?

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