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March 31, 2012

Tot School - Introduction

I stumbled up on the idea of tot school about two months ago and immediately decided that Henry and I are doing it. I'm starting to think that I missed my life's calling to be a teacher.

Tot school is fun structured learning for toddlers. Its basically like a preschool for toddlers. One reason for doing it, other than I think its a ton of fun, is to make sure Henry doesn't fall behind his daycare peers. Daycare centers are so amazing at teaching young children their colors, numbers, Spanish, and a whole host of other skills, I think its very easy for a child at home to fall behind.

Transferring balls from one bowl to another using a scoop -- our first tot school activity.

My biggest inspiration has been 1+1+1=1. Its an amazing website with a great way to start a tot school program. Through this program, a few of my new favorite tot school blogs, and of course pinterest, I have started to gather supplies and set up a "classroom." 

I have done a few test activities, just to gauge Henry's interest and so far they have all been successful (a couple pictured). And the best part is, I can see the learning hes doing translating to real life! 

Rainbow rice shaker. Another big hit!
My plan for tot school and this blog is to join the weekly link up on 1+1+1=1 and share all the amazing stuff we're doing. So look for more tot school posts to come!

If you're interested in doing similar tot school activities, check out my favorite tot school blogs for some awesome inspiration: 


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Do you have a tot school blog? Let me know in the comments, I would love to check it out!

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