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March 29, 2012

Excuse the Dust, Oh and POTW

Sorry about the layer of dust that has settled on this blog this week. A couple weeks ago I got a JOB! Yes, you read that right. But the catch is its a part-time stay-at-home writing/editing job. I work in between naps, at night, and all the other little times I would normally blog.

The last couple of weeks I have been in training, but this was my first week with all of my responsibilities. So, its taking me a little bit to adjust, find balance, and figure out when to get everything done. But I'll get there. And I promise some good posts are coming!

So here is the long awaited POTW. And the winner is Morgan!

Morgan says: "She was just laying like that. Its not like anything happened. It's just how her face looked."  Sometimes, Lexi's lips just get stuck to her teeth. She always looks so mean, but she's just as sweet as ever.

New pictures are up! We are adding a one line description of each picture to go with the picture options.

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