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Dear Henry

I hope to write Henry a letter every year around his birthday. Here is my first one.

Dear Henry,

My big one year old boy. I love you more than words can possibly describe. You are my life. Everyday that I get to spend with you is a blessing. I love our days together. You are 100 percent non-stop fun. You run around the living room like a crazy wild man. We spend our days chatting about bananas, Elmo, and Daddy. Every now and then you will come over to me and nuzzle my chest and give me a quick hug and in that moment all of my frustrations with life totally melt away.

Somehow you seem to know the exact right way to make everyone in the room laugh. You smile your cheezy smile, or say something, or laugh at the right moment, even though there is no way you know whats going on. I think you're going to be a really funny and smart little boy. I can't wait until you start talking more. You're so sassy already. Two days ago, I asked you "Henry, can you say orange?" and you responded "Yeah" in the best way. Like "duh, Mom, you know I can" even though you never have. I just about died laughing. How did you know to respond that way?

Henry, I have so many hopes for you. So many dreams. Way to many to share here. I hope you grow up to be a good man. No -- an awesome man. One that cares about his family. His friends. I hope you know the difference between right and wrong. And that you choose to do the right thing, even if its hard. And about that "right" thing. Sometimes, there isn't a "right" choice, just a couple of hard ones. I hope you know how to listen to and trust your instincts. Henry, I promise to spend my life teaching you these things, the best way I know how. And I hope you learn your colors, numbers, and shapes along the way too!

My buddy buddy, my little Lotion...I love you.



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Unknown said…
This is beautiful Nicole, I hope he feels how much you love him when he gets to look back and read it. He's going to be a wonderful man because he has wonderful parents, I just know it. <3
Anonymous said…
just found your blog after searching for tot school ideas for my 18 month old. couldn't read past the 1st sentence. what a beautiful idea. love it!

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