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Robot Birthday Party

I mentioned awhile back that I was feeling the pressure to throw a giant birthday party for Henry. Well, we had the party on Henry's birthday and it turned out great! I think it was a good balance of being cute, but not crazy big or over-the-top.

I made most of the decorations, and I will shamelessly show them off here! I apologize for the totally crap pictures. I need a nicer camera.

The birthday banner: I made it by individually cutting each circle, then taping them together with scrap booking tape. The letters were made using a Circuit machine. Then I punched holes in each circle with a 1/8"  punch. Then I strung them each on a large piece of string. They are just taped to the wall.

The highchair: I individually cut by hand each of the pendants. Then I punched each with the 1/8" punch. Since I needed flexibility to go around the curve of the chair, I hand tied a little ribbon between each piece. Then I taped a small piece of streamer which I cut up the middle over the ribbon on each pendant. The whole banner is taped to the chair. The balloons are tied to the chair.

Buffet Table: I cut two small circles for each end of the table, and placed a die-cut in the center of each. Then I cut a large (12") circle for the center. I strung streamers in between each of the small circles and the center. On top of the table as "confetti" were several small and large circles cut from the same robot paper, as well as several robot shaped die-cuts.

Food: We had a great spread! The main dish was pulled pork sandwiches. We also had beans, chips, pasta salad, fruit and veggies. The fruit was rainbow fruit skewers which we put together. We also had a wonderful cake which my Mom bought from a lady in Eau Claire.

Other Decorations: I made a few other decorations for around the house. My favorite was an 11x14 blowup of the infamous pout picture! Somehow we didn't get a picture of it -- boo. I also decorated a door with all of Hen's monthly pictures. There were some other signs around, and the kitchen cabinets were decorated with small pennant banners. Party favors were Oh Henry candy bars.

Clothes: Henry wore two different robot outfits. The orange one was Granimals brand from Walmart, and the second was Gerber from Target.Who would have guess it was going to be 80 degrees the day of his party?! So he wore mismatched shorts too. 

 It was an awesome day, and I wish I could post every picture here. But I think its gotten long enough. Well, just a couple more - hehe!

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Melinda said…
Everything turned out great!! I love all the robot stuff you made, you did an awesome job!
MamaViking said…
Wow, you did an amazing job. I'm totally going to use your birthday banner as inspiration.
Unknown said…
Get ready to push that Cozy Couple ALL over!! :)
Ashley said…
Cute, cute! I had to come see if you blogged about it! :) My little guy's should be up sometime this week. :)
Kimmi S said…
How did you do the cake! It's perfect!
Kimmi S said…
How did you do the cake! It's perfect!
Unknown said…
I love this idea! Did you have instructions/recipe for the cake? I'd love to make it for my son's 1st birthday.
Jennifer said…
where did you get the robot cutouts or did you make them?
also where did you get the paper?
Unknown said…
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