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October 11, 2011

Pinterest* Inspired Art Project

*For those of you that haven't heard of Pinterest, you are really missing out! Pinterest is the newest hot social networking site. Its a giant pin board, that allows you to "pin" things that you like, things that give you inspiration, things that you want to try, et cetera which you share with the world. It's amazing, and my new obsession.

Being at home with Hen I'm always looking for new things that we can do together. But since he is at an age where I can get his attention for about 15 seconds, its pretty hard. Well, I stumbled upon a perfect painted wreath project while on Pinterest. Better yet, it was mess free - well at least for the baby.

To do this project, I cut a bunch of paper leaves using real leaves as templates. Then put little dabs of paint on each leaf.

Then stuck each leaf into a ziplock bag and gave the bag to Henr. Hen just lit up. He loves playing with anything "adult" and just thought the bags were amazing. They are also squishy, cold, and didn't fall apart when he chewed on them, so double win.


Little did he know, that he was "painting" as he played. And the good news for me is it actually kept his attention for much longer than I thought. Each bag was a new little treat.

(Yes, Hen did have to move from the floor to the highchair, after he discovered the jars of paint, which were much more tantalizing then the bags.) Once Hen was done painting each leaf, I removed it from the bag (the only real messy part). And let them dry on some newspaper.


Once dry, I taped them onto a paper plate that I had cut the center out of. And Bam! A Henry made fall decoration!

It was so simple and fun. Henry had a blast, and it doesn't look half bad in our kitchen. I can't wait to find more ideas like this...and you should start pinning you're ideas too! Head over to Pinterest and sign up! If you need an invite, head over Contact Us and shoot me an email, and I'll send you one! And after you sign up, hit the red little P on the right hand side of this page, and start following me!

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