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October 12, 2011

It happened.

My worst fear, it happened. Henry choked. On his stupid acid reflux medication. I just about died, and I totally blame the incident for the grey hair I found this morning.

So yesterday I was giving Hen his medication as usual, when suddenly he made a choking sound and stopped breathing. He just sat that staring at me, without making any noise, eyes popping out of his head.

Holy.Fuck.Ballz! I panic. All I can think is "why-didn't-we-take-the-fucking-baby-CPR-class?!?" Then after what felt like forever, but I'm sure was only a second or two, I thought "dumb ass, save the baby! Remember the book, remember the book!"

Just last week, I was reading a baby book and happened to stumble on the emergency section which covered choking. So I sprang into action and flipped Henry upside down. I pounded on his back until he puked.

Whew, he didn't die! We were both covered in barf, but we made it! It didn't occur to me until afterwards that he probably couldn't actually choke on liquid, and probably just needed a second to recover from swallowing wrong.

Nevertheless, I was still proud of myself that I was able to stay semi-calm and fix the situation. But it was so scary that today I totally look 10 years older. True story.

Ps: I'm signing up for the next baby CPR class I can find.

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Kim Chodorowski
Kim Chodorowski said…
How scary! I'm so glad Henry is ok. Way to go, Mama, for thinking on your feet!!!
Brianna Phelan
Brianna Phelan said…
1) So glad Henry is safe.
2) I absolutely love that you wrote HolyFBalls on your blog.
3) I must sign up for CPR.