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October 10, 2011

Love Us? Link Us!

Over the weekend there have been some more ch-ch-ch-changesss ::insert music:: to The Kavanaugh Report. Mainly, we finally have a button! So if you love The Kavanaugh Report and have a blog/website/anything really grab the button and share the love! (Hey! And that includes all of you who only visit by Reader or RSS feed!)

If you have a blog, stroll over to the new Contact Us section and send me a link. I love reading new blogs and would love to check yours out. And I'll add it to our very own new and improved - used to be called Links - now called Blog Roll section!

Finally, while your strolling and linking and moving and shaking around newish-and-more-improved The Kavanaugh Report check out the finally updated All About Us section! Aren't we cute?! And keep checking back because there are more ch-ch-ch-changess :insert music again, I really hope you get which song I'm talking about...:: ahead.

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