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October 08, 2011

Indian Summer

The last week has been Heaven on Earth around here. Simply beautiful. The trees are turning beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. The skies have been perfectly blue. And the best part - the temperatures have been...wait for the UPPER 80's!!

Henry and I have been taking full advantage...slow walks around the neighborhood, swinging in the swings, and Henry's new favorite - playing in the sand at the park.

Even Henry seems to understand that the nice days are numbered.

Sand is Henry's new discovery. Its also the one thing on the planet he's not interested in putting into his mouth. Smart boy! That shit is nasty. I almost didn't put him in it, but every kid deserves to play in the sand...even if that means getting syphilis or playing with cat poop.


He goes totally nuts for it. Hen rakes as much of it as he can toward himself until he has a little pile between his legs. He also thinks its hilarious to bury his feet and hands. Henry also tries to move the sand from one side to the other. He really cannot understand why it all slips through his fingers. I have to try with all my might to not laugh at him as he gets crabby about the sand falling from his hands. And don't even get me started about how happy he gets when I help him walk in the sand. He can't get over his feet sinking in as he moves forward. 

I'm going to miss his happy shrieks as the weather inevitably cools; pants, socks/shoes, and coats will become necessary and the sand will be too cold. Maybe he'll really like the snow...?

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