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April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!!! We had a wonderful, albeit busy, Easter weekend. Our weekend started off with a great night of sleep! Henry slept until 8:30 Saturday morning, when he is usually up for the day around 6:30. It was great! He was still up several times during the night, but that extra couple hours in the morning really makes a big difference!

Morgan and I spent the day cleaning, running some errands, and hanging out with Henry. Saturday evening my parents, sister and brother came into town. All of us then went to Easter vigil. We went to this service because Morgan was getting confirmed into the Catholic church, and was receiving his first communion! We are all so proud of him! He has worked hard over the past nine months preparing for this, and Im so happy he made it to his goal.

 The service itself was one of the best masses I have ever been to in my entire life! It was beautiful. The music was perfect, and of course the Easter vigil is always moving. I was pretty stressed abut going to the mass, since it's 2.5 hours long, and I have a 5 week old. My Mom was watching Henry during the mass since I needed to sit with Morgan in a different row, since I was his sponsor. I had visions of Henry screaming through the entire service, and running out of bottles, and being touched by strangers. Thankfully, my Mom is the baby-whisper! Henry slept through the ENTIRE mass! He didn't make a peep! He didn't even eat! My mom did have to hold him the entire time, which led to some super sore arms.
Henry "praying" at church!
Easter outfit and basket!
Of course Henry woke up as soon as we got home. Since he hadn't eaten in several hours, he decided to marathon nurse for hours. He also spent from 3-4:30 a.m. just wide awake. So I only got about 5 hours of sleep, but it was worth it!
It was a beautiful day!

Sunday my parents and siblings came over in the morning to hang out with Henry. My mom brought Henry a beautiful Easter basket. Which had some great candy in it, which I have happily enjoyed for him. We were able to go for a walk with Henry, since it was finally a beautiful day. That afternoon we all went out to brunch at Forepaughs, a restaurant in downtown St. Paul. It's in an old Victorian house, and was super good. It was "family style" buffet, which meant that they brought everything to our table instead of us going to a line. It was delicious! 


After brunch, my parents left, and Morgan's parents stopped by. They visited with Henry and us! Overall, it was a wonderful yet busy weekend. It was great to see everyone, and wonderful to be with Morgan on his special day! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday as we did!

With his new Peter Rabbit toy!

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