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April 17, 2011

Why do we live here?

I don't like to blog about the weather because its boring. That being said, I had a few thoughts about the weather. This has been a particularly tough winter. I normally just get mildly annoyed by winter. I know we got more snow than usual this year, but it also seemed like we never had sunny days either. I'm sure I suffered from at least a mild form of S.A.D. this time around. BUT, I love Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities. For me, it's home, and I would have a hard time leaving. So it got me thinking, why do people live here and like it so much if the winters are so terrible? Well, I realized why after the first really, really nice day this year when it was sunny and 70 degrees: getting through the winter is in and of itself a great accomplishment. I felt so good that first nice day, and wanted to jump up in the air in slow motion, with my fist raised, and shout "We made it!" You could literally be the laziest person in Minnesota, but when spring rolls around, wow, pat yourself on the back, you toughed out another Minnesota winter. It's like a built-in life accomplishment by just showing up. It's like getting a "Certificate of Participation." Your life could go completely down the tubes over the winter, but when spring comes around, things will be looking up no matter what happened. I've also realized that people in Minnesota cannot help but talk about the weather. That reminds me, I hate standing in elevators with strangers. It's awkward for everyone. But thank goodness the first thing on everyone's mind is the weather, and the need to continuously share those concerns with random people. "Wow, that wind sure is cold out there today." It never ends! But people in Minnesota love talking about it. I love this state, but if this summer isn't seriously hot as all heck, and next winter isn't mild as all heck, I may seriously considering packing up and heading to Roatan.

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Metrodome memories
Metrodome memories said…
Well I hear Chicago is colder than whatever you do, don't move there!