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October 20, 2010

Baby Kicks!

Baby K is moving like crazy! I'm feeling real baby kicks, and it’s totally amazing.

I started feeling the occasional sort-of poking feeling at around week 16 but it was mostly just fluttering. But over the last two weeks they have gotten stronger and stronger. A couple days ago, I actually saw my stomach moving with the kick (which was one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced). It’s super hard to describe what it feels like, since I've honestly never felt anything like this before. It’s just a little kick here and there. And the baby moves all over the place - from one side of my stomach to the other, from super high to super low. The kid really gets around in there, and quick! I think that’s what has been the craziest thing; how quickly it moves all over the place.

Morgan was able to feel the kicks from the outside a couple Sunday's ago which was really great. Now it’s a game to try to get him to run from the room he is in to the room where I'm at so he can feel them. It’s also difficult to keep his hand over where I feel the movement, since the baby is constantly on the move.

I thought I would have to wait a lot longer for this much activity, but it’s been a pleasant surprise. Actually, it has been the best part of pregnancy so far!

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