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October 07, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been sick.

Last Thursday, I started to feel really crummy. I had a sore throat and could feel a cold coming on. By Friday I knew I had a cold, but made it through a day of work. All weekend I took it slow, but just had a slight cold.

Then Monday hit...ugh. By Monday I had so much sinus pain and pressure I thought my head was going to explode. I couldn't breath out of my nose, and had a hard time doing anything. I ended up staying in bed ALL day. I called my doctor's office who informed me that they don't recommend taking any medication for sinus problems while pregnant. The nurse literally told me to "tough it out."

But by Monday night I was running a fever of 100.3 and was forced to take some Tylenol.  I called the doctor back on Tuesday morning after I still had a fever of 100.1, and had to go in. The doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and put me on some antibiotics. The antibiotics have helped with my sinuses but have not completely made me feel better. I now have a terrible cough, which is making my already sore abs really sore. I'm also still running a low-grade fever of around 99.3. So I'm clearly fighting something off still.

This has all been a big bummer, since I was forced to miss two days of work, and the Twins play-off game. Thanks compromised immune system. Hopefully, I will only have to deal with this for a couple more days.

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