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September 06, 2010

Labor Day Weeked

Morgan and I had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. It was basically a weekend of firsts and lasts for us.

On Friday night we had our first fire of the fall. We sat outside by our fire pit and listened to the Twins game on the radio under a blanket. It was great to chill out in the cool weather and it made me very excited for the fall weather that is slowly approaching. Nettie loves the fire, in fact, she likes it a little too much and has to be closely watched or else she will burn herself. Lexi, on the other hand, hated the fire. This is the first one we have had since we adopted her, and she basically had to be forced to sit with us. By the end of the game she had gotten a little better, so hopefully as the fall progresses she will get more comfortable with them.

Our Fire!

Saturday included the "lasts" of the weekend. It was the last time we were able to hangout with CJ before she moved back to Chicago. :-( So sad. I'm happy shes found a good job and gets to be closer to her boyfriend Andy. But we will really miss her.

Sunday, Morgan and I went and saw Avatar in 3D. Morgan saw it when it first came out, but I didn't go at that time. This was the first movie I had seen in 3D which was really interesting. I enjoyed the experience, but my eyes were really tired after sitting there. I can't imagine watching regular TV in 3D, it seems like I would get a serious headache. But for the movie format it was really cool. Avatar overall was kinda blah. The story wasn't that interesting, and without the visual effects I don't think it would have gotten any press. I think my main criticism was the overuse of the slow-motion action shots. At 161 min (2.6 hours) this movie didn't need anything to slow it down further. Overall it was beautiful, but pretty boring.

Today, Monday, was also fun. This morning Morgan's brother and sister-in-law and our nieces came over to our house for the first time. It was nice to see them here although it was a quick visit. Then this afternoon we went to a Twins game and sat on the Budweiser Roof Deck for the first time. We had high expectations for the Roof Deck, but it actually wasn't that great. It was really difficult to see the field, and it was actually kinda cheaply made. When someone would walk by us, our seats and the table would shake. It was also super slippery, and the rain didn't help that. We saw one woman slip and fall right there, and chairs were falling over left and right. I will say that it seemed like a really fun place to party, just not a great place to watch baseball. But, I'll admit I'm biased, I like our covered, behind home-plate seats.

View from our seats (row 3), notice you can't see center or left field.

The fire-pit was super cool and really kicked off some good heat, which was nice on a cold rainy day.

I thought it was funny they had to make sure people knew the fire was hot.

View from the very front view of the Roof Deck, it was nicer than our seats but you still couldn't see parts of center and right fields.

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