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August 31, 2010

Rotten Puppy

I know you are thinking, "how can she look at that cute little face and call Lexi rotten." Well, that cute little face is deceptive. She has been a really rotten puppy lately. I know, she is technically not a puppy, but she is sure acting like one. We were told when we adopted her that she was two years old. Well, we quickly figured out that was a lie when she continued to grow, and we pegged her to really be about 10 months old when we got her. That makes her about a 1.5 years old now. But over the last couple of weeks we have notice some serious behavioral regression in her. She has decided that she no longer wants to go "pots" (the bathroom) outside. She prefers to do it where ever she currently is. Even if she is on our bed, our couch, or in her kennel. It has become really frustrating. Nothing is wrong with her medically, a quick yet expensive trip to the vet figured out that she has just become lazy. Ugh.

The vet suggested that we treat her as if she is a puppy being house trained and be really strict with her. So we have had to bring in all the outside toys, she has to sleep in her kennel at night, and we have to be certain she will actually go pots outside. So far today I cannot convince her to actually go to pots outside. I've tried three times since I got home from work, and she just will not go. Totally rotten. I'll have to try again when she stops flipping and chasing her ball around the living room.

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