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When they think about Montessori many people think about preschool aged children. But the truth is that the Montessori method is not limited to classrooms. It is a way of life that begins at birth. Montessori from birth is an amazing and transformative journey. 
"There is in the soul of a child an impenetrable secret that is gradually revealed as it develops." Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood
Thank you for following us on our journey as we discover the beauty that lies within our children and as we live through a Montessori baby-hood! Below you can find our Montessori baby posts organized roughly by month. 

Montessori baby resources from birth through 12 months. Montessori at home from birth.
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Newborn to 1 Month

5 Ways to Incorporate Montessori from Birth
A Place in the Family
Protecting Concentration from Birth

Month 1 

The Movement Area
Black and White Images
First Mobiles
Montessori Newborn Nursery

Month 2

The Octahedron Mobile
Talking with Baby
Sick Baby Essentials
The Gobbi Mobile
Discovering the Hand

General Newborn Posts

Montessori Mobiles -- The Visual Series
How to Hang Your Montessori Mobiles
Montessori Newborn


Month 3 

The Dancers Mobile 
The Montessori Bell Rattle 
Using a Play Gym
The Butterflies Mobile

Month 4

Exploring Toys
Natural Gross Motor Development
Movement Area with a Roller
How We Tummy Time

Montessori Friendly Baby Toys at 4 Months {Augustus}
Montessori Baby -- Toys at 4 Months {Nora}
Mini Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Month 5

Montessori Puzzle Ball
A Lesson in Following the Child
Play Silks for Babies
Creating a Space for Play

Month 6 

Babies and Mirrors
Using a Shelf
Mobiles Lately
Interlocking Disks
The Montessori Weaning Spoon

Montessori Baby -- Baby Toys 6 to 10 months {Nora}
Montessori Work Shelves at 6 Months
Montessori Friend Baby Toys at 6 Months  {Augustus}

Month 7

Reading to Your Baby from Birth
Family Meals
Realities of a Montessori Floor Bed
Moving, Moving

Month 8

Montessori Weaning Cup
Preparing an Environment on Vacation
Object Permanence Box
Egg and Cup
Starting to Pull Up

Montessori Work Shelves at 8 Months {Nora}
Montessori Friendly Toys and DIYs at 8 Months {Augustus}

Month 9

Cleaning with Your Baby
A Treasure Basket of Balls
Our Weaning Table

Geography for Babies -- Familiar Places Basket
Montessori Familiar Faces Basket

General Infant Posts

Introducing the Weaning Cup
Benefits of the Montessori Weaning Table
Meaningful Choices for Babies and Toddlers
8 Montessori Baby Spaces to Swoon Over
Montessori Baby Weaning Essentials at IKEA
Baby Proofing with a Montessori Floor Bed
Natural Rubber Baby Toys

DIY Montessori Pull-up Bar
Month 10

Movement Area with an Older Baby
In and Out Work
Practical Life with Babies

Laminated Flower Exploration for Babies

Month 11

Watching Play
Learning to Walk
Starting to Dress
An Unexpected Treasure Basket
Outdoor Exploration

Month 12

Play at 12 Months

Montessori Work from 12 to 14 Months
Zoology Sensory Bottles for Montessori Babies

General Older Infant Posts

Benefits of the Montessori Weaning Table
Meaningful Choices for Babies and Toddlers
Zoology Sensory Bottles for Montessori Babies
A Little - Pikler Inspired - Climber

When looking through this list, please remember that one of the most important parts of Montessori is to follow the child. Your child may not align perfectly with mine. Your child's interests may be completely different. Or they may be similar. Either is perfect. Trust your child, not this timeline! This is not meant to be a curriculum to follow just one family's example.

Montessori baby resources from birth through 12 months. Montessori at home from birth.

November 2017 update -- The weekly series is following Augustus is now complete!

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