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2019 Christmas Presents

In the past, I've often shared what was on my kids' gift lists, but this year I thought I would actually share a few of the purchases I actually made since I got my shopping done earlier than I normally do. If you are looking for some Montessori friendly ideas, I hope this gives you some inspiration.  


This year, Henry almost 9-years-old! (How did that happen?!) He was my easiest to shop for since he has some strong play preferences and interests. The fossil set will be perfect for his interest in rocks/gems/geography. I'm pairing with a book so he can research more on the subject. Lego is an all time favorite, and so are play silks! The castle was something he asked for specifically. The game is something I think he and Nora will both love! 

A look at the Montessori friendly items we chose for Christmas
Fossil Set + Book | Guess Who | Lego Bases | Playmobil Castle | Black Play Silk 


This year Nora is 5.5-years-old! She was by far my hardest to shop for! I 100% stole the treehouse and jewelry loom ideas from Free and Unfettered's Holiday List this year. Nora just didn't ask for anything and tends to just enjoy her farm/dollhouse at home. She has become very interested in creating and as she moves toward the second plane of development, I want to get her more items to do that. So, I'm put together a small box of materials for her to be able to create books. It has some cute paper, brads, washi tape and binder rings and will include a couple of examples for her to make her own books. 

A look at the Montessori friendly items we chose for Christmas
Lite-Brite | Bug Stamp Kit | Book Making Kit (box, brads, paper) | Jewelry Loom | Schleich Treehouse


Augustus is 3-years-old this year. Gus was another hard one for me because he just celebrated his birthday. He ends up getting so much this time of year and really as the third child doesn't need anything. I got him a nature collection that I think he will enjoy. He loves small bits of things and this fits right in with that. Plus some more magnatiles - his favorite material lately - to add to our collection. And anything "worker truck" is always popular with him. 

A look at the Montessori friendly items we chose for Christmas
Nature Kit | Stacking Game | Bruder Truck | Magnatiles | Construction Stamps


Teddy is almost 3-months-old. Ted is another one who really doesn't need anything for Christmas, but we tried not giving Gus anything when he was a baby and the other kids were upset, so we're just leaning in. I tried to get a few things that he might enjoy over the next few months. Plus I found that our old DIY bell rattle had broken, so this was an opportunity to replace it. 

A look at the Montessori friendly items we chose for Christmas
Ring Stacker | Grasping Toy | Stacking Rings | Bell Rattle | Mini Playsilks

And that brings us to the end of allll the children I have! They each have a few little stocking stuffers in addition to this stuff, and will also be receiving a Nugget couch jointly. We chose the Nugget because we have some sensory needs that it will help fulfill plus we have no furniture in our basement so this will make it easier for the whole family to hang out together. 

A look at the Montessori friendly items we chose for Christmas

What's on your child's list this year? 


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