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Our Outdoor Autumn Essentials

The weather is finally turning cooler here with the arrival of Autumn this week. The days are shorter, cooler, windier, and rainier. But, this doesn't mean it's time to stay inside! There are so many amazing sensory experiences to be had in the Fall. There's apple picking, leaf hunts, gourds and pumpkins, and tons of busy animals. A few plants are living their last days and some are long gone. Bottom line, we can't stay inside! 

But, with the change of season, we need to make sure we are prepared for our outdoor adventures and our outdoor work! Here are a few of our outdoor essentials for Autumn.

Montessori Home - Outdoor essentials for Autumn plus some ideas to get you started

1. Oaki Rainsuit - This rain suit is amazing ALL through the year, but really really great for the Autumn. It's lightweight and easy to put on, but it keeps kids dry! They come in, take it off and go on their way. The suit can be hosed off if muddy or just hung to dry! 

Ideas for use: get outside no matter the weather, puddle stomping, hikes, playing in the rain, adding a bit of extra protection from wind. Nora, Henry and Gus each have one and can spend rainy afternoons hiking, stomping in puddles, and rolling around in wet leaves! 

2. Crocs Rain Boots - First off I want to say these are new to us so I'm not 100% sure how they will hold up over time. But, my first impression is that they are amazing. They are one solid piece, so no seams to leak! And they are SO lightweight and easy to use. Even a young toddler could pull these on. 

Ideas for use: Again, all weather play! Puddle stomping, playing in mud, getting outside earlier in the day when the grass is still dewy. Going to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Harvesting from your garden. Basically, my kids are wearing them all the time. 

3. Push Broom {Corn Broom} - Brooms are great all year round but there seems to be so much extra opportunities for working with them in the Fall. We have the corn broom style right now, but I would love a push broom for outside. 

Ideas for use: sweeping sidewalks (even your neighbors), decks, garages, patios - basically anywhere you want to clean off before winter. Pushing water around is also super popular. Even Gus can push a broom. Sweeping outside is also a great place to practice since perfection is far less important. 

4. Rake - Similar to the broom, a rake provides so many amazing practical experiences for young children all Autumn long. 

Ideas for use: rake leaves and jump in the pile - repeat for the next month! Clean out garden beds. Rake and pick up leaves for your neighbors. Rake leaves and then sort the kinds you have found into shape/color/texture. 

5. Bucket - This bucket is just an example more than a specific recommendation on this bucket. But look for a container that your child can easily hold and move around. We tend to use these awesome metal buckets from IKEA or plastic sand buckets. 

Ideas for use: Autumn, at least for my kids, is a time of intense collection building, nature collecting, and hunting. Every leaf, nut, branch, seed, and flower must be saved. Having a bucket gives children a place to put their treasures, carry them around, and collect more. So use on hikes, while cleaning around your yard, while playing, at the park - basically anywhere your kid goes, give them the option of keeping their finds. 

Montessori Home - Outdoor essentials for Autumn plus some ideas to get you started

What are your outdoor Autumn essentials? 

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Natasha said…
We liked the crocs rainboots, but found that the ankles were very tight! Once they were on it was no problem...but getting them on (especially over sweaty socks) was a challenge.
M. said…
Bogs are awesome as well, including for adults!

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