5 Things You Can Do Today -- Montessori Baby

Montessori is a way of life that starts at birth! But it can be a bit overwhelming to think about making a ton of changes to your home when you are trying to take care of a baby. The good news is that Montessori with babies doesn't have to be that hard. Making a few changes to respect your baby and give opportunities for independence and concentration is all you need. 

5 things you can do today to incorporate Montessori into your home with your baby!

There are some steps that you can take TODAY to incorporate Montessori with your baby. Here are 5 things YOU can do TODAY! 

  1. Take your baby {no matter your baby's age} outside, sit down with him/her and watch your baby explore. Don't direct exploration, but label your baby's discoveries. 

  2. Choose your baby's favorite 5 toys, place on the floor, low shelf or along the edge of a blanket. Let your baby explore freely. 

  3. Hang a low piece of art in a play or sleeping space - make it high contrast for tiny babies, make it realistic for older ones. 

  4. Dedicated a spot on the floor {in the bathroom or near where you change diapers} for diaper changes. Invite your baby to participate in a diaper change and talk him/her through the process. Try a standing up diaper change if your baby is older! 

  5. Place a few interesting household items in a basket for you baby to explore. For a younger baby, make a simple mobile, and allow your child to explore. It could be as simple as hanging a bell, rattle, or a high contrast image from a string on the side of a table! 

These are just a couple of things you can do to incorporate Montessori into your home with a baby! Pick one, or pick all! If you are looking for some extra homework try: creating a movement area for you baby, remove any toys with batteries from your baby's playthings, hang a low mirror, and invite your baby to participate in a practical task {like wiping up after a meal.} 

What's most important is that you just take that step! Take a step towards changing your environment, and giving your baby more respect, more freedom, more independence, and more opportunities for concentration. 
"Every family and community provides education for all its members, but adults have the power to change the environment and should use it to favor everyone's development." Silvana Montanaro, Understanding the Human Being
How will you incorporate Montessori in your home with your baby today? Have you tried any of these ideas? 

5 things you can do today to incorporate Montessori into your home with your baby!



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