A Peek at Our Montessori Playroom

I have shared this space before, but since Montessori spaces are constantly evolving, I knew it was time to share it again. This is our mixed-age play area right on our main level. Much of our day happens around this room, with our homeschool classroom and kitchen nearby. The space is constantly changing, I'm sure if you look closely you can spot changes that took place in the couple of days that I took pictures of this space. 

Since my last update on this space, our larger playroom has been completed. Since its completion, I'm finding that Henry is using this space for play less and Nora is using this space more. So, you'll see that more of the materials are dedicated to her. Also, as she gets older, she's just ready for more. 

I try to keep this space as a mix of inside-appropriate gross motor, fine motor, dramatic play and literacy. This way the main floor of our home has a little bit of everything to entice Nora to work and play while I'm doing whatever chores I need to get done. It also ensures that everyone doesn't just retreat to their own spaces, but that we have time to play as a family. 

A recent addition to our play area has been the fish. Morgan surprised the kids (and me with the idea) to get the kids fish for Christmas. He picked a couple of guppies and the tank and set it all up. The kids actually love it! Its a easy way for them to get hands on with nature and take over some responsibility. It also adds some natural beauty to the space and a pleasant light. 

The books on the wall shelves are where we store our library books. I find having a dedicated spot for them helps us to remember to return them on time. And, that's it! It's not always easy to incorporate children of different ages into the same space, but this works nicely for us -- for now! Remember you have to follow the child and do what works for your child and space! Do you have a Montessori inspired playroom? 

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