Monday, April 20, 2015

Montessori Inspired Preschool Recycle Game

With Earth Day approaching, I pulled out this old recycling activity! Henry and I used it way back in our spring unit when he was just 2!

This time, I was able to explain the process of recycling and how it was a job in the community. We talked about the process of recycling and how we recycle at our own home. I asked him if he would want to sort the recycling too, and he was thrilled. He decided that a work helmet was 100 percent necessary for this task! 

To play, gather some recyclables from your house. Place 4 cards -- paper, plastic, metal, and glass  -- around the room. For younger children, like the first time I did it with Henry I only pointed out the differences in the materials. For older children, you can explain more about the process! Then, set the preschool/toddler free. 

Henry enjoyed running around and sorting the items. Nora enjoyed eating them! This is the perfect hands on, gross motor, cheap way to introduce recycling, different materials and helping the Earth! 



  1. What a cute little preschool that seems to be. This little guy is like a little recycling Bob the Builder. The best part of preschool is that it makes learning super fun. I think that this idea is what I want for my son most of all. He needs to learn how to do every day tasks and be responsible for himself. If he learns through fun, maybe these ideas will stick even more.

  2. This is an outstanding Montessori Inspired Preschool Recycle Game. I would love to try this in my Phoenix preschool. Actually I am a full time teacher over there and usually look for such interesting ideas that I can use in my class.

  3. sometimes we forget how hard this can all be for a small child. Thanks for this insightful post. We have not had to move countries, but my kids do attend an immersion school.

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