DIY Montessori Pull-up Bar

Everyday, Nora is getting more and more mobile. She wants to pull up on everything and cruise along the furniture. So, I knew it was finally time to install a pull-up bar. A pull-up bar gives babies a safe place to practice their new standing up skill. At the bar, there's no fear that a heavy piece of furniture will topple over. Plus, it's hung at just the right height for success.

The mirror adds some interest and helps her explore herself and the environment around her.

I looked into purchasing a professional pull-up bar, but they are pretty expensive. I couldn't see justifying the cost for one item, especially when only one (or maybe a couple) baby would use it. So, we made our own! It was easy, cheap and fits perfectly into our space.  

The whole set up cost less than $10 and took less than an hour to complete. We bought an unfinished handrail at Home Depot. Then, we used the saw available at the store, to cut it to size. 

To hang, we just used screws that came with the hardware. Instead of hanging on an angle, we hung horizontally. It's very stable and I would feel confident that Nora (or even Henry) could hang on the bar without issue. 

We hung the bar at 17 inches from the floor. Nora is on the short side, so it's a tiny bit tall but she can still reach and pull up. Remember, when you hang the bar will be a bit taller than the holes in the wall. 

The mirror was one we had in our basement. It wasn't being used, so I repurposed it. I love the wooden frame. It's also a sturdy mirror with two screws so I know it's secured.

I also choose to leave the wooden bar unfinished. I will rub it down with olive oil from time to time. But, this way Nora can safely suck on and teeth on the bar! 

Nora loves the bar. She moving along the bar, smiling at the cute baby and teething on the bar. It makes me sad she's already so big, but it makes me happy to find something she loves so much. 

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Meg Seegmiller said…
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Meg Seegmiller said…
Can you go into more detail about how you attached the mirror to the wall? My 14 month old pull down our last one. She really enjoys looking at herself, but I need her to be safe too!
Just too adorable! Where did you get the adorable shelving unit?
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this idea and directions! This will work perfectly in our home : )
It's from Ikea -- Besta series
Its just hung with a couple of screws. Have you tried picture hanging strips from 3M? Those are really hard for me to pull off, so they might work for a toddler
Anonymous said…
This is exactly what we want to do! Can you tell me where you got the bracket that attaches the bar to the wall? Thank you!
They are with the bar -- they are the same type of bracket that is used to attach a normal staircase handrail
Unknown said…
i was noticing the mat you have laying on the floor by the other mirror. would you mind sharing what this mat is and how you have that mirror positioned so sturdy
Bridget Henry said…
When do you take down the bar? Once they start walking?
You could, we left ours up since Nora loved to stand and look in the mirror. Really a personal preference.
Sam Ellis said…
I used this for one of my teacher's classrooms. It works great, however, I am concerned about the babies chewing on it and it splintering, may be switching to PVC pipe? Is there an alternative to olive oil?
Alternatives to olive oil could include beeswax/coconut oil.

PVC pipe is not safe for mouthing. I would redirect in either case, and with the wood sand down any spots that may become rough. We never had an issue.

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