Watercolor Planets Printable

We are in the middle of a space unit right now and loving every second of it. The other day on Instagram, I shared a picture of a set of watercolor planets that Morgan was nice enough (and creative enough) to paint for Henry to use. I decided to scan them and make a printable for everyone to use.

We are using the cards to show the size difference between the planets and their different appearances. Henry loves the over-sized cards and their natural beauty. 

To make the most out of them, we've laminated the cards and display on a large tray. The printable includes all eight planets and Pluto {for old times sake!}

I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


  1. THis cards looks stunning! Watercolor paintings look so beautiful. I like very much handdrawn cards

  2. Yes! I agree :) Stunning cards and I love that they are hand-painted. Gorgeous.

  3. These are so pretty, I want to print and frame them! I'm doing a Solar System Roundup - I hope you don't mind me including you.

  4. gorgeous! thank you for sharing. we're doing space and fun next week, so happy to have found your post!


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