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Nora 2-months-old

Friends, how are we here? I will never stop being amazed at how fast life with a baby goes. I just want to bottle time up and come back to these days. Some are really hard, but so many beautiful moments are also happening.

Nora at 2-months-old is great. This girl, my goodness, is taking it easy on us. She coos, she smiles, she really wants to laugh. She sleeps -- at night! She has consistently been sleeping 5-7 hours in a row at night for the last 3 or so weeks (knock on wood it continues)! After the long stretch she is less predictable -- sometimes she will wake every hour after or sometimes sleep for 2-3-4 more hours. During the day, she cat naps -- 20 minutes here, 40 minutes there. If I babywear, then she will sleep for a lot longer during the day -- usually a couple hours.

Nora is still nursing continuously during the day. Like pretty much every hour. I'm convinced she does it so she'll sleep at night, she just eats everything she needs all day. We did have a case of thrush this month, but after a little over a week of treatment we both were back to normal. Otherwise, nursing is going great. 

And it seems to be paying off, because she is growing! Nora is now 11lbs 3oz (50%) and 22 inches long (50%). She wears a size 1 diaper but won't for too much longer. She is solidly in 0-3 month clothes. Much to our amazement, her eyes are still blue and are very light. Her hair is starting to grow back and her skin is clear. I still think she looks a ton like Henry, just smaller with different coloring and slightly different eye shape.

Over the last month, Nora definitely peaked on the fussy front. 4-6 weeks were much more fussy and gassy especially in the evening. But, she seems to be getting happier and having longer stretches of time where she is just content.

When she is awake, Nora likes to be part of the action. She likes to be held outward to see what's going on. She likes people to talk to her. She has even come around on Henry screaming in her face -- most of the time! Nora loves sitting in her bouncer seat and tolerates her swing.

She's not a fan of tummy time on the floor and usually doesn't like to lay flat on the floor on her back either. She doesn't like to be where she can't hear or see people. Nora is also developing a strong mommy preference -- when others hold her she will root and pretend to be so hungry and crabby, but the moment I take her, she is all smiles and happy as can be again. I both love and hate this! 

Like Henry, Nora is super strong. She has excellent neck strength and control over her head. She never stops moving. Her little legs and arms constantly wiggle around. It's kind of crazy. I'm not convinced she's as strong as Henry, but that's probably a good thing too -- I'm not thrilled about the idea of another 9 month walker.

I'm also not thrilled with the 2-month shots. I hate seeing my baby in pain, so I hope she does alright with them. 


Breanna said…
She is seriously gorgeous, Mama! I cannot believe she is two months old already. My mind is blown! :) The close-up of her shows how much she looks like Henry! Beautiful! :)

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