Letter L Tot School

Letter L was our first week in our new Montessori homeschool space! It was a huge hit and gave us some extra motivation to spend time at tot school. I can't wait to show you the space when all the details are finally finished. 

The first tray was a log exploration tray. We recently had to cut down a dying Ash Tree in our back yard and have an over abundance of wood. I brought in a small log, provided a magnifying glass, some paper and colored pencils. Henry and the co-op children were then free to explore the log through touch, smell, sight. Then, they could draw their experience. 

Henry, who generally refuses anything artistic, even participated with this tray. But, he was very literal and would draw something to closely represent the log (top right). Overall, I thought the work they came up with was amazing! 

The second tray was a lock and key set. In letter K week, we explored keys by themselves. This time we took it one step further to discover how to use keys for their proper purpose. It was a great practical life lesson, even if it was a little hard for some of the kids. 

The final tray was a repeat from the last time we did letter L tot school -- ladybug counting. Here, the kids can count the number of spots on each lady bug {painted rocks} and match it to the correct card. Henry was good at identifying the lower numbers but still choose to just look at the back {where the number was listed} for the larger ones. 

Other things we did included:

Color Matching Legos to make the Letter L:

Letter L word 3-part Cards:

Letter L Sensory Bin:



  1. I love that he is laying down to do the counting work - this is what my son does too! So cute!

  2. So many great ideas! We will definitely do a lot of these activities ourselves, thank you!

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