DIY Montessori Sound Object Box

Henry is very interested in the sounds each letter makes and what letter words start with. I've been encouraging this interest in variety of ways through our tot school trays, but I wanted another option for him. A sound object box was perfect since it combined small objects {another favorite for Henry} and letter sounds. 

The Montessori sound object box is a work where children can place small objects in the box that corresponds with the object's beginning sound. It could be one object or several depending on how many you have available. 

In my case, I found the box with 25 compartments at a thrift store for $4. So, I decided to DIY the project. It was super simple! I just used acrylic paint to paint each letter into its compartment. Since X doesn't technically have its own beginning sound, I decided it would be alright for it to share with Y. {And, yes I realized with these pictures that U was painted the wrong color -- have to fix that!}

As far as the objects go, I'm still in the process of collecting everything we need. I know they sell pre-made kits of objects but they are really pricey. Any tips on where to get little objects? I'm just looking at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. But, if you have a good small object location -- let me know! Right now I have a pig, a horse, a goat, and a wolf. Until we complete the set, I'm using wooden coins from Bumblefly~N~Butterbees which are working great. 

To hang the sound object box, I used 3M picture hanging strips. These strips are designed for objects to be taken off and put on more than once. So, it allows the children to take the box off the wall to work, then place it back when they are done. I'm hoping they hold up long term, but we'll have to see. 

So far it has been a huge hit with Henry and several of the co-op kids. I think once we get more objects, it will become an even more popular work in the classroom. Anyone else have success with a sound object box?



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  2. I like the Safari TOOBs, they are small and perfect for this and we love using them for matching with the 3 part montessori animal cards. You can find the tubes at most craft stores and if you use a coupon, they are a great price. These :

  3. Have a look at the picture on this post: . There are lots of ideas there : )

  4. I just loved this idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I realize this is an old post, but for anyone else coming to it just now (like I am!), Michael's & Hobby Lobby both carry great miniatures in their dollhouse & fairy garden areas. The sections of the stores are actually called miniatures. Hope this helps!


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