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28 Weeks!

3rd Trimester! 3rd Trimester, People! Time to panic! This baby is coming and coming fast. 

Me, on the other hand, I'm getting slower and slower. I'm really starting to feel it when I overdo it these days. To be completely honest, pregnancy was a lot easier when I wasn't also running around the house pretending to be a lizard/dinosaur/lion or lifting a toddler in and out of a carseat. And, ugh, the heartburn. After I stopped eating dairy, all of my heartburn problems went away -- well, they are back in big way now. Thank the Lord for zantac! But, overall, I'm healthy and feeling alright.

Good news at this month's doctor appointment was I passed my gestational diabetes test! Woot -- pass me a Peep to celebrate! However, my hemoglobin levels are really low and I need some follow up blood work. Hopefully its nothing and will just require an iron supplement -- which is exactly what happened at this point in my pregnancy with Henry. And, remember last month when the doctor warned me I was gaining weight to fast? Well, I saw another new doctor this month, and of course she tells me my weight gain (9lbs total) is on the low end of things. But, this doctor was a lot nicer and said not to worry about it at all. 

Wiggles is living up to her name. At the moment, my stomach is jumping all over the place. Jabs are starting to get painful, but its so reassuring to have a baby that is constantly on the move. Nora's heartbeat was 153 at the appointment, and I'm measuring perfectly.

As I've entered my 3rd trimester I think Morgan and I are starting to feel the pressure to actually get ready for this baby. My first project was to clean out the baby dresser and finish Henry's closet -- which is now done! I've also sent the nursery fabric -- isn't it cute!?! -- to a friend (Heidi -- The Pajama Mama) who generously offered to make a few things for the room. And, I actually bought a few outfits! Its weird to see all this baby stuff -- especially pink baby stuff -- starting to live in my house. 

I hope we can keep the baby-prep momentum going over the next month!



What a blessing :) There is nothing like preparing for a baby - well, except for getting to hold the baby! :)
Audrey said…
Yay! I had an overdoing it wake up call last night - got up off the floor after playing with Ted & got the worse stitch/tightening I think I've ever had, really took my breath away for a minute - only 22 weeks here so thinking I might start putting my feet up a bit more :) Keep the updates coming, they are awesome. I adore that fabric!
kjw said…
I can't believe you're already in 3rd tri! I totally understand how hard it is being pregnant while also taking care of a toddler - it was so much more exhausting than the first pregnancy for me. You look beautiful!

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