The Pouty Lip Returns

Just in case you were wondering this...

grumpy baby, pouty lip

still happens...

grumpy toddler, pouty lip

While it certainly hasn't been easy having a baby/toddler with a strong personality, I really hope he makes this face for years to come. I mean, can we all say over-dramatic, his life cannot possibly be this hard.

Who else's toddler still has an epic pouty face?



When I saw your fb post, after thinking how 'squeezably cute' he was, I thought of my Buddy Boy, who can still pull a good poochy lip, especially when he is genuinely upset by something (as in, getting in trouble and getting a little embarrassed or something like that). In fact, he thought Henry's picture was him! :) Maybe a 2 year old thing, or maybe that says something.... either way (secretly) I can't get enough of the poochy lip - minus the attitude that sometimes comes with it!
Lindsay said…
LOVE IT!!!!!! Ethan will do a stuck out pouty lip for about 10 seconds before a huge cry, but nothing like Henry. I love it! It's adorable.

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