Creepy Elmo

From time to time, I've posted pictures of Henry on his baby monitor. And let's all admit, they are a tiny bit creepy. Right? Especially the ones when Henry is awake. It's the eyes!  

Well, about a month ago Henry decided he had to sleep with a small Elmo and Big Bird. Shortly after this started, Morgan and I started noticing something -- Elmo was always watching. ALWAYS. Talk about creepy. It's literally the eyes...




And every now and then we luck out and get two-for-one and get both sets of eyes staring at us. Lucky us.

Seriously. What a creeper. ::checks to make sure Elmo isn't watching::

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  1. Ha ha. The video monitor eyes are so creepy! And AJ has figured out that something is different about the red light of the camera so he just stares into it. Creepy! Oh and we just had our first toy that turned on in the middle of the night scare. Talk about creepy hearing that thing out of the blue.

  2. That's too funny. We want a video monitor for when Lennox moves to a toddler bed, she sleeps with so many stuffed animals, I can only imagine all the creepers we will have!!

  3. I agree, the images on the baby monitors are the creepy stuff of horror flicks. You should try adding a cat's eyes to the mix! They look like creatures coming to steal your soul. Eeek. Makes me scared to get in bed some nights. :)

  4. Sometimes I honestly can't figure out my kids body vs. his stuffed animals...then I see the beedy eyes starting at me on the monitor and freak. lol

  5. That is hilarious! None of Andrew's toys in his crib have big enough eyes to show up on the monitor, but his light up when he's laying there starting at the camera and it's creepy.

  6. Bahahahah, this post seriously cracked me up. Those eyes are really, really creepy!

  7. ha! this is hilarious!! I've always thought the video monitors are too creepy, I think I would freak myself out watching for eyes! LOL

  8. Haha. You had me laughing out loud to myself through this one. I admit, it is a little freaky. Thanks for sharing this silly post with me this week.


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