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Toddle Along Tuesday: Dear Nicole

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell your former self something? Me too. We'll this week Toddle Along Tuesday is giving us the chance to do just that. 
The topic this week is to write a letter to your former self. I couldn't pick just one age to write to, so I picked a few: 

Dear Nicole (age 5ish): Don't cut the spider plant and lie about it. Neither is worth it. You'll never live it down;

Dear Nicole (night before first day of high school): Tomorrow, in Astronomy, you're going to meet your soul mate. Don't drop the class. And don't waste your time with other boys - one in particular. The rest of high school doesn't matter;

Dear Nicole (freshman year of college 2003): History is interesting, I get that. But you're not going to be able to make ANY money! You know, money. That thing you need to buy stuff -- like food. Don't major in just history. Pick something else, something where you can make some money. I suggest teaching;

Dear Nicole (July 2007): Don't do it. Don't go to law school. Ignore the pressure you're getting. Take a year or two off. You don't really know what you want. Jumping into $100,00+ in debt is not going to decide that for you -- it's only going to tie your hands in the future. And for the love of God, grow out your bangs --they are atrocious;

Dear Nicole (August 23, 2008): You're a lucky woman. Enjoy the day. Soak in every last detail because its going to fly by;

Dear Nicole (July 9, 2010): Congratulations that stick you just peed on says your pregnant! Now, try and relax. Not every little thing you feel means something is wrong. And not every little thing you eat really has that big of an effect. And get the good morning sickness meds from the beginning, they are so worth it.

Dear Nicole (March 11, 2011): Today you wrote this post about patience. Well, let me break it to you. You're in for it with Henry. You better buck up. If your complaining now -- you are not going to know what hit you. Get some patience and get it quick, you are in for a rough, long, frustrating ride;

Dear Nicole (March 18, 2011): Congratulations, you've just been given the best gift in the universe. In about 24 hours, you're going to go home and be totally responsible for keeping it alive. And, guess what? You can totally do it, and do it well! The next couple months are going to suck. Suck big time. The crying is not your fault. Trust your gut. Trust Morgan. Enjoy every second. And, go take a sitz bath -- you'll thank me later;

Dear Nicole (June 25, 2011): Remember when I said life was going to suck for a little bit? That time is now. But its OK to accept it sucks and just get through it. The colic will fade. Get Henry on Prevacid -- NOW. Don't take no for an answer. Henry will learn how to poop. Henry will stop screaming. Henry will stop being in pain. You will get to sleep. Things will get better. Way way better.


You -- who would like to think she has learned from her mistakes/challenges/adversities.

What would you tell your former self? Link up at Growing up Geeky:

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Steph K. said…
So cute! But hey now, historians need love too ;)
Blank t shirt said…
From one of the Best blog...Keep working more on Blogs....Want on see more work from Your Side!!!!!

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