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Baby Shower Part 2!

Last Saturday I had my Eau Claire baby shower. I had an absolutely fabulous time! My grandma, and three of my aunts were able to come up from Chicago-land and we made it a whole weekend of it! Also a bunch of family friends from Eau Claire and Chicago, my nieces, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

Morgan and I went to Eau Claire on Friday, and stopped by my parents house to hang out Friday night for a little bit. And if you know that group, of course it was a good time - especially with the martinis flowing! The shower itself was Saturday morning. My sister Ashley and aunt Jennifer threw it at the Green Mill in Eau Claire. The theme was "Oh Henry," as in the candy bars (which I had actually never heard of until we announced that we were going to name the baby Henry - and they are super delicious by the way).

My cousin Danielle, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Jennifer, and friend Christa.
My Aunt Chirsty, and Grandma.
My Mom, friends Sandy, Kay, and Sue. At the way end, sister-in-law Renee, niece Jocelyn, and mother-in-law Anita.
The shower started out by playing the ribbon measuring game that we played at my first shower. This game is super funny to watch - even with the few people who played the game the week before. Sadly, NO ONE cut the ribbon smaller than I actually am, but quite a few cut at least 1.5 times my size! Surprisingly the few people who had played the game two weeks earlier were still way off, and my aunt Nancy ended up winning the game.

My sister Ashely measuring ribbons!
Next, we played a baby food game. My sister had taken the labels off of a bunch of different types of baby food and we had to guess, by smelling and *gross* tasting, the baby food. I was absolutely terrible at this game! I only got two out of seven right. They all smelled like apples to me, and although I will admit to trying two, they tasted the exact same. This game made me even more sure that I want to make my own baby food!

My Mom smelling the baby food - notice she also spilled - oops!
After a delicious lunch, we all guessed how much candy was in baby bottles. My sister filled a bottle with jelly beans, m&ms, and Hershey kisses. We then guessed to see how many were in there. My aunt Jennifer actually guess the EXACT amount of kisses, which I thought was pretty impressive! Next, my sister blindfolded me and I had to reach into a bag and guess what these baby products were. I think I did a pretty good job, although there were a few where I had no clue.

Getting blindfolded!
Trying to figure out that it was a bottle brush.
Finally, it was time for cake and presents. The cake was made by a local woman, and wasn't just super awesome looking, it was also really delicious. Again, I got so many nice things for Henry! Everyone was so generous! And after this shower I pretty much felt like I could bring a baby home and be mostly prepared. Although we still have a few things to work out (mainly just the car seat at this point - but we are waiting for a 20% off coupon to go into effect in a couple days before we pick it up).

The "Oh Henry" cake! It was amazingly delicious!
Opening gifts - my belly was getting in the way!
After the shower, Morgan (who got to get his teeth cleaned during the shower - fun day for him - hehe) and I had dinner over at Calvin and Renee's. It was great to just hang out with them, especially our niece Kailee who we don't get to see as often! We finished up the night by going to Memorial High School (our alma mater) to watch my brother Alex's showchoir perform. The performance was really fun, and Alex did a great job on his solo performance.

Playing Wii with Kailee and Jocelyn.
Jocelyn "playing" Wii. Really they just gave her a remote, but it was cute to watch!
Morgan and Ashley at the show-choir concert.
Sunday was a lazy day in Eau Claire. We split the day between Morgan's parents and mine. It was nice just to sit around and chat, since we rarely have that kind of time in Eau Claire. Usually we are super scheduled and always rushing from one place to another. We came home later that evening (in time to watch the stupid Packers win the Superbowl). Of course the nursery was a total disaster again after the shower, and took me a good day to organize, make room for, and put away all of it away. Who knew babies had so much stuff?!

Dirty, dirty, dirty.
 Well, a BIG thank you to everyone who came to the shower. It was wonderful to see you! And totally crazy to think the next time I will see most of you Henry will be here! Ahh...

Figured I would throw an updated picture up. This was from yesterday - 34 weeks 5 days. Everyone who saw me at the first shower couldn't believe how much bigger I had gotten two weeks later at the second one! So I guess Henry is busy growing, cause I sure am!


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