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32 Weeks!

Another month down! I am now 32 weeks or 8 months. Hurray!

32 Weeks!
When I step back and think about it, it's crazy  how fast this is all going. But boy, does it feel slow in the day-to-day. I mean if you really think about it 9 (FULL) months is a LONG time to grow something, granted you're growing an actual human being. Right about now I'm thinking 8 months sounds like a good amount of time to be pregnant. Because I'm starting to get a little bit sick of it. And I know I can't really complain yet, because I still have to make it through this month and next. But like I said, it also feels sooo fast, like I literally just peed on that stick. Its crazy! Where did the time go? When did I get so big? OMG, there's a baby coming?! Basically I'm feeling a giant mix of crazy pregnancy emotions! But I guess that's all part of the fun. ;-)

Huge Bare belly! Ah. Thankfully still no stretch marks!
Right now, I'm still feeling pretty good physically. I'm still able to walk a couple of miles every other day. But that is getting harder, especially on those days that I'm actually winded when just sitting on the couch. But I am doing it - even in the -14 degree weather! Last month I complained that my heartburn was super awful, well thankfully I have the best doctor around (our birthing class teacher even said so!), and she has me on a combination of two different heartburn medications. So far my heartburn is much much much better, but not completely gone. But I've come to expect that I'll just always have to live with at least a little 'burn. Right now, my bigger concern is my iron levels (which might explain the winded on the couch feeling). They were very low at my last appointment. So now, I'm trying to find a delicate balance between my heartburn medications (which interact with iron absorption) and taking iron pills (which cause more heartburn). Hopefully, we have figured it out and my levels will rise. This should help me get some energy back and feel better overall. Plus its much safer to deliver a baby when you are not anemic.

As far as Henry goes, he's still healthy. He continues to move like crazy - no, like CRAZY! Like I'm not sure if he actually sleeps, ever! We might be in some serious trouble when he gets here. His movements have changed though. It is no longer kicks and jabs; instead I feel rolls, wiggles, and pushes. Occasionally, I will still get a kick or punch, and those are the times it really hurts, especially if its to the ribs or the bladder.

At my last appointment he had a good heart-rate in the 160's and it was super super clear. My doctor said it was because his spine was facing up and the dopplar didn't have to pass through as much baby to hear the heart. It was awesome to hear! But also awesome because it meant that his heartbeat would be clear enough to hear by placing your ear against my belly, which Morgan did. And Morgan WAS able to hear the heartbeat just by putting his head to my belly!! It was a great pregnancy moment! So I'm super curious to see if he is still in this position tomorrow at my next checkup. I kinda doubt it, since he flips around so much. I just hope he is still head-down.

Close up 32 Weeks. Feeling pretty huge.
Well, that's it for now! Hopefully all goes well at my appointment tomorrow and things continue to be uneventful for the next month!


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