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I'm Nicole Kavanaugh and Montessori parenting is my jam. In addition to parenting my own 4 children with Montessori, since 2017 I've helped hundreds of families from around the world bring Montessori into their homes. And, I can do the same for you!

By working with me, you can grow to a deeper understanding of how Montessori can work for your family. I want to bring you a deep understanding of not only Montessori principles but practical tips and advice on bringing Montessori into your home. With my help, you can find the joy of Montessori with your own children on your own terms.

Flexible Options to Fit Your Family's Needs


Personal Consulting For Your Individual Needs

Do you want even more personalized support? I would love to chat. Whether you have a parenting question, need gift or product recommendations, or need personalized help creating your Montessori space - I'm here to help. LEARN MORE HERE.

Montessori and Parenting Workshops

Occasionally, I will offer online workshops to learn more about specific Montessori topics. See the schedule below for current workshop dates and times:

Montessori Courses for Every Family

Are you new to Montessori? Or looking to dive deeper? It can be tough without support and guidance. I'm here to help! Below you'll find a variety of course offerings to help and support you on your Montessori journey.