Are you looking to purchase a Montessori friendly product for a child, your home or school? Here is a list of resources that could help you! These posts highlight products that can add beauty to a child's environment or serve other developmental stages. 

The prepared environment is such an important part of the Montessori method that often it can be overwhelming to try and discern what we should include. Hopefully, these posts can help!

"The objects surrounding the child should look solid and attractive to him, and the 'house of the child' should be lovely and pleasant in all its particulars." Maria Montessori

Ultimate Lists 

The Ultimate Montessori Non-Toy Gift Guide
The Ultimate Montessori Toy List -- Birth to Five

Multi-Age Lists 

Handmade Montessori Material Finds
Favorite Rainbow Inspired Toys


Montessori Baby Essentials -- Birth to 9 Months


2-year-old Birthday Gifts

"...for the child absorbs his environment, takes everything from it, and incarnates it in himself." Maria Montessori 


Montessori Friendly Bird Themed Materials
30+ Awesome Montessori Friendly Magnet Toys

Montessori Home

9 Storage Solutions for Montessori Homes
Montessori Friendly Shelving -- Some Options
My Montessori Favorites at IKEA
Woven Baskets

"But if these mothers prepared an environment at home for the child that conformed to his size, to his energy and to his psychic faculties, the child would be at liberty and a great step would have been taken toward the resolution of the educational problem -- the child would have his own environment." Maria Montessori 


Easter Baskets for Montessori Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers
Montessori Friendly Christmas List Roundup

Gross Motor

Montessori Friendly Push and Pull Toys
Gross Motor for Older Toddlers
Gross Motor for Young Toddlers

If there is a product you are searching for and would like a recommendation, feel free to ask! I would be happy to share my thoughts! 

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