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February 07, 2023

Four for Winter: Favorites to Wear, Play, Read, and Learn

If you know anything about Minnesota, it's probably that we have long, cold winters. While I really enjoying living somewhere with four distinct seasons, I do sort of wish winter wasn't our super long one. But, it is so we try and make the best of it by keeping kids engaged both indoors and out. And, there's a lot to love about the winter season, so I want to share four Montessori friendly favorites for toddlers and preschoolers to try this winter. 

A Montessori toddler and preschooler are playing in the snow during the winter.

Four for Winter: Montessori Toddlers 

In my experience, toddlers approach winter with a sense of wonder and joy. I think they often learn not to love winter by our own reactions to the cold, so I'm careful to just bundle myself up and go with their enthusiasm. 

Montessori toddler plays in the outdoors during winter by shoveling a driveway.

Wear: One piece snowsuit. These are so easy to get on. Plus, it limits the places where snow and ice can make its way toward a toddler's skin. 

Read: Tracks in the Snow. This is such a fun little rhyming book and my toddlers read endlessly. 

Play: Child's Snow Shovel. There is no one more enthusiastic to shovel than a toddler. Take advantage of this great practical life activity that also helps a toddler get out their maximum effort needs. 

Learn: Make some ice! This is a great practical life activity - filling an ice cube tray (or other container.) Then place it outside or in the freezer and observe the changes. It's a really hands on way to talk about how water changes depending on the temperature. 

Montessori preschooler wears winter clothing and smiles as they slide down a slide into snow.

Four for Winter: Montessori Preschoolers

Preschoolers are also so willing to jump into the season of winter, we often just have to let them. I find a little bit of being prepared for the cold and having activities to do outside will go a long way in enjoying this season. 

Wear: Neck Gator. Gone are the days of bulky scarves to tie around little people. A neck gator is so flexible but doesn't get in the way of freedom of movement. I love that it can be pulled up in really cold weather or just around the neck if it's more mild. 

Read: Over and Under the Snow. I love that this shows people just enjoying life outside in the winter but also that nature still exists in the winter. We just have to look at the world differently to see it. 

Play: Sand toys. These toys are just as fun in the snow/slush/mud/yuck that we have all winter long. They become snow creations, buckets and vehicles. A few simple toys can really transform the amount of time my kids are willing to stay outside. 

Learn: Learn about tracks, look at the bottom of your shoes/boots and talk about how tracks are made. See if you can find any of your own tracks in your yard/neighborhood and then notice other tracks (both people and animals) that you can find. See if they have any idea where/who these tracks might have come from. 

Montessori favorites to read, wear, play and learn in the winter with toddlers and preschoolers.
I hope you enjoy this Montessori inspired fun for winter for preschoolers and toddlers. There's so much fun to be had all year round and these ideas to read, play, learn, and wear will hopefully help you on your Montessori journey! 

What's your child's favorite in the winter? 

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