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October 13, 2022

Montessori Toddler Activity - Teeny Tiny Stickers

Is there anything greater than the pure joy of a toddler that is super engaged in the activity that they are doing?! Around here with our Montessori toddler, Theodore, that often means some sort of play with trucks and dirt. But, on occasion another activity hits him in just the right place and this week it's been - teeny tiny stickers. 

These stickers have actually been on his art shelves for a couple of months now, but he's really really enjoying them a lot lately. Specifically, he's really enjoying putting them all over his body lately - fun sensory input for all. 

Montessori Activity for Toddlers - Tiny Stickers

I really love them for their size. These things are tiny. And tiny stickers means big work for little hands. Teddy is really stretching his fine motor control picking these stickers off the page. Then again putting them on something else - like paper or his face! Sometimes stickers tend to be a really quick activity as kids plow through sticking pile after pile on top of each other. These really slow them down and make the work more intentional. 

Another bonus is that being neurodivergent Teddy has some extra sensory needs. These stickers aren't too sticky for him but also feel good on his skin. I love that this has been a random way for him to get just the right amount of sensory play into his day. I also love that they come without backing so no extra work or waste to get these prepared for toddlers. 

We have been using these for a lot of open ended exploration but you could also try: 
  • color sorting with stickers
  • placing stickers on a line or shape
  • connecting the dots after placing on a page 
  • using to make a picture 

So if you're looking for a toddler activity, go teeny tiny! These are a huge hit and so simple. 


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